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15 Iconic Items For Everyone Who Loves Kim Kardashian’s Crying Face

By Pablo Valdivia

Kim Crying on a Mug, $13.42-$35.79

Everything a Kardashian tear touches turns to gold.

Kim Crying on a Mug, $13.42-$35.79

Sip those tears of luxury.

PooSparkles / Via

Kim Crying on a T-Shirt, $19.99

Have a good cry in comfort.

Subliworks / Via

Kim Crying on Earrings, $8.00

Ya hear that? It’s the sound of joyful crying.

TheNaughtyNarwhal / Via

Kim Crying on a Candle, $14.00

Burn the candle, say a prayer, take a selfie.

RadRarities / Via

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