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15 Women On Their “Unflattering” Hair, Makeup, Body Mods, And More

By Nora Whelan


“IDGAF what dudes think. I’m wearing this for me.”


“Fat girls aren’t ‘supposed’ to have short hair! People kept telling me for years, with varying degrees of tact, that it would make my face look too round, so I am eternally grateful for the hairstylist who finally did take the jump with me and hack all my hair off.

“I love, love, love my hair. Don’t let somebody else decide what you should or shouldn’t want to look like; your hair is yours, your body is yours, and you deserve to feel like a goddamn rock star every day, whatever that looks like for you.”

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed


“‘Long hair is beautiful’ was something ingrained in me from a very early age, and with a relaxer my hair was long, wavy, and to many people around me, beautiful. But as I grew older, I slowly became disconnected from my relaxed hair. I started throwing around the idea of chopping off my hair to go natural, but I was told (in many different ways) that it would make me much less attractive.

“Since my hair is my business, I did it anyway, and I’m so glad I did! People might not like my shorter curls, but I do, and if I’m complimented on something I want it to feel like a part of me and not someone else’s narrow definition of beauty.”

Sarah Kobos / BuzzFeed


“I shaved my head over the summer because it felt like the right time to do it, and doing it made me feel indisputably badass. I loved every part of it. Unfortunately when I returned home, my parents did not. My father said he thought I was turning into …read more

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