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17 Charts To Help You Eat Healthy

By Lindsay Hunt

For building a balanced meal.

Everything you need to know from cutting out sugar to building a salad that doesn’t suck.

For building a balanced meal.

Your ideal plate should be packed with vegetables and a serving of protein, complex carbs (like whole grains or beans), and healthy fats (like olive oil or nuts). From One Medical.

For cooking your eggs ~just right~.

Eggs! Thank you for being an easy and quick way to add protein to any meal. Here’s the guide to boiled eggs, from runny AF to crumbly hard-cooked.

For satisfying and delicious salads that won’t leave you hungry.

There is a world in which salads actually taste good and are filling. I swear! Choose a few combos from the list above and prep the ingredients so that it’s easy to toss (hehe) your lunches and dinners together throughout the week. From Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.

For easier meal planning (aka easier weeks).

Pre-planning what you are going to cook and eat throughout the week means you don’t end up leaning too hard on takeout when you’re tired. Get an entire week of recipes and all the prep and tools you need from BuzzFeed’s 2016 Clean Eating Challenge.

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