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21 Wardrobe Staples For Every ’00’s Girl Who Swore By Abercrombie & Fitch

By Brittney Gibson

Polo Shirts

“I need the logo to be visible, or I don’t really want it.”

Polo Shirts

How you styled it: You popped the collar to create the ultimate preppy look.

the*neverending*princess*closet / Via

Distressed Jeans

How you styled it: You paired these beauties with a nice loose-fitting belt that went over your tank top.


Too Short, Torn Denim Shorts

How you styled it: You made sure your pockets were visible so people could see just how short your shorts really were. You lived on the edge.

adrisnyder / Via

Ruffle Skirts

How you styled it: With a simple tank and chunky leather belt.

irleyup / Via

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