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32 Things You Probably Didn't Know About “A Walk To Remember”

By Tabatha Leggett

Mandy Moore was nervous of meeting Nicholas Sparks because the story is based on his sister’s life.

Pandora Films S.A. / BuzzFeed

1. A Walk to Remember was the first movie that Mandy Moore, who plays Jamie Sullivan, had a main part in. Previously, her only acting experience was as a supporting character in The Princess Diaries.

2. Because she was so new to acting, Shane West, who plays Landon Carter, sat her down and offered her some advice about breaking into the industry. He advised her to say no to some opportunities to avoid overworking herself.

3. Moore said that the thing she struggled with the most on set was standing in the right place for the camera. West spent a lot of time teaching her about blocking.

4. And in return, West said that if he ever went on tour with his band, Moore would be the first person he would call for advice.

5. Moore and West still keep in touch via email.

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