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New App Peach Is Blowing Up

By Katie Notopoulos

There's a hot new app that appeared in like...the last two hours. It's called Peach.

Peach appeared from nowhere and we’re not sure what it’s “for,” but whatever.

There’s a hot new app that appeared in like…the last two hours. It’s called Peach.

Where did this app come from?
I have no freakin’ clue, bro. This thing came out of nowhere and now everyone has it. According to Techcrunch, it was created by one of the guys who made Vine, Dom Hoffman.

Why would I use this instead of the many other social networks I’m on?
Just trust me.

What does it DO?
You can post pics and status updates, comment on your friends’ pics and statuses, and also do funny actions like “boop” them or “put a ring on it.” That’s about it.

Why is it called Peach?
Idk but the peach emoji means butt hee hee…

Will Peach make my life better?
Unless you like being a friendless loser, then yes.

Is this one of those apps like Ello where if I join, it’s just the same handful of lame early adopters who sign up for everything on it?
Yepppppp… But hey, you only live once!

These are the fun reactions:

You can see your activity feed where people do little reactions or replies to your posts:

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