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This Viral Photo Of A Baby With Its Placenta Sheds Light On Different Birth Rituals

By Javier Moreno

“Maori tradition of returning the placenta to the earth is a beautiful way of honoring the placenta that gave us life.”

Photographer Emma Jean Nolan posted this picture of a young baby’s umbilical cord spelling out “love,” which has been shared more than 1,000 times.

Via Facebook: emmajeanphotographictales

Nolan, who is based out of Brisbane, Australia, is a midwife. While on maternity leave, she took up studying photography and turned it into a second career photographing families with newborn babies.

Emma Nolan

She told BuzzFeed that her passion for working with birthing women has branched out into maternity, newborns, and family.

Facebook: emmajeanphotographictales

On Jan. 2 she uploaded this photo she took of young Harper Hoani Spies, who was born to Jolene and Johann Spies of New Zealand. The photo features Harper attached to his placenta with the umbilical cord spelling “love.”

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Facebook: emmajeanphotographictales

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